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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Speech Video: Evolution of Not Self 2

It can be very informative to see how a speech evolved from its first iteration to the second.  This is a version of the Not Self speech I gave at our club level International Speech contest in 2011.  If you watch the initial version, you can see how the speech improved.  My vocal variety is much better, and I don't come across as sad and pathetic as the first time.  Yes, practice makes perfect, and I won at the club level but I only took third place in the area contest.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Thoughts: Somebody Agrees With Me!

If you thought my post about Danger and Insane Lyrics was off the wall, then I feel compelled to point out that somebody agrees with me.  That somebody is a fringe artist by the name of Paul Thorn, who was interviewed by NPR recently.  Consider this quote from the interview:
"...with all the mainstream music today being - when men singing, you know, they're whining and crying about, oh, please come back and I'm nothing without you. [could he be referring directly to David Guetta? -rhetEric] And when they say I'm nothing without you, I always think, well, no wonder she left because you're nothing.  You know, if you have something to bring to the table, she wouldn't have left."
Indeed, modern men, and especially teenage boys, don't understand that they need to bring something to the table in a relationship.  If you don't, then you become, in the words of Kezia Noble, "bland, forgettable, and replaceable."

Paul Thorn's music might not be for you, especially if you're mainstream, but I have to appreciate what he thinks about mainstream music.  Paul is definitely on my play list now.